As Connecticut pushes forward on natural gas, some push back Connecticut Magazine, Sep 2016 – Controversy around the expansion of a pipeline through the state expands into a challenge to an entire region’s energy strategy.

Which foot do you kick with? Hazlitt Magazine (Penguin Random House), July 2016 – For me and everyone else, football in Belfast is coded, but this year, I felt comfortable cheering for both Irish teams. The politics of Brexit, however, has no room for between-ness.

Guilt Upon the Body Hazlitt Magazine (Penguin Random House), May 2016 – A letter from the coroner’s inquest into the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

A Fighting Chance The Daily Nutmeg, June 2015 – A fight-write from New Haven’s Dixwell neighborhood.

Ireland’s Resurgent Left Jacobin Magazine, January 2015 – The water charges protests show the resurgent power of the left in the Irish Republic.

In Myanmar’s gold rush, not all that glitters is gold Ricochet Media, October 2014 – Myanmar’s military dictatorship has nominally ended. What does foreign investment mean for Myanmar’s small scale gold miners? A report from the country.

Dance with the Devil Ricochet Media, October 2014 – The Bakken shale oil boom has ramifications for the residents of one public housing project in Albany, NY.

The Good King’s Return Jacobin Magazine, August 2014– A report from a truly odd industrial action (a wildcat strike? a boycott?) at a supermarket chain in New England.

The Town That Roared Ricochet Media, June 2014 – One port town’s fight to block Tar Sands oil in coastal Maine.

Pure Verb on Derby Day Maisonneuve Magazine, May 2014 – A paean to the poetry of the Daily Racing Form and the joy and despair of Off Tack Betting.

Northern Impasse Maisonneuve Magazine, May 2014 -A power line could bring clean energy from Quebec into American homes, but at what cost? A report from the heart of New Hampshire’s anti-hydro rebellion. Magazine PDF here.

Montreal’s People-Powered Election The Tyee, October 2013 – Fed up with city hall corruption, a team of unlikely candidates is running for office.

Primer on the 2013 Montreal Mayoral Election (Post Media), September 2013 – How to make sense of Montreal’s odd city politics from afar.

Belfast’s Lesser Known Violence The Youngist, September 2013 – Even after the end of the Troubles, there’s still a silent war going on in Belfast.

Seamus Heaney: A Personal Remembrance Maisonneuve Magazine, August 2013 – Heaney taught me how to grieve.

Oil and Blood in Lac-Mégantic Rabble, July 2013 – A report from the scene the day after an oil explosion that left 47 dead.

Who’s Afraid Of a Faculty Union The McGill Daily, November 2012 – Why is Canada’s most “elite” University one of the few without a faculty union?

Between a Rock and a Union Space CTNewsJunkie, April 2012 – What does a unionized charter school look like?

Questions Remain About No-Bid Consulting Contracts CTNewsJunkie, April 2012 – An investigation into the awarding of contracts to private firms amidst Connecticut’s education reforms.


Interview on KPFK’s Uprising Radio, June 3, 2015. (21 minutes)

TV appearance on Global Montreal, October 10, 2013 (5 minutes)



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